Express Service at Foray Motor Group

Express servicing at Foray Motor Group

Time waits for no one. So we want to minimise the amount of time you have to wait for your vehicle to be serviced. That’s why we’re now offering Ford Express Servicing at Yeovil Ford and English Ford, Poole.

What is Ford Express Servicing?

With Ford Express Servicing, two of our experienced technicians work on your vehicle together, aiming to complete your service in half the time it would usually take, while maintaining the same high quality that Foray Motor Group delivers. You can opt for either a Minor or Major Service - Both will adhere to the highest manufacturer standards.

Here's what a Minor Service includes:

• We’ll change your engine oil

• We’ll change your oil filter

• We’ll top-up all your under-bonnet fluids

• We’ll carry out a comprehensive health check and inspection of your entire vehicle

Here's what a Major Service includes:

A major service includes everything that is included in the minor service plus:

• We’ll replace your engine air filter

• We’ll replace your cabin/pollen filter (internal air filter)

• We’ll change your fuel filter (Diesel engines) or your spark plugs (petrol engines).

Ford Express Service. Because time waits for no one.

If you are thinking about another type of service for your vehicle, then you are welcome to visit our Servicing & Parts page where we outline all of our vehicle servicing options.

To book your next service with us, please click the button below. Please specify if you’d like to book the Express service. Express Servicing is available at English Ford and Yeovil Ford.

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