Foray Motor Group Accident repair centre assistance


Although we all like to think we won’t be involved in a road accident, every year there are almost 200,000 accidents on roads in Britain. Of course, the vast majority of these incidents are relatively minor, with no long-term effects on drivers or passengers. However, even small prangs often cause a disproportionate level of worry, plus the inconvenience and hassle involved with dealing with insurance companies, repairers and other drivers.

So, let us do it all for you!

Save this number to your phone: 0330 134 4601

Why should I call the Foray Accident Assistance team?

Not only do we know you and your vehicle, but our Accident Assistance team appreciates how valuable your time is, and will ensure you quickly get back to living your life while we sort out all the paperwork, repair your vehicle and keep you on the road with a quality replacement vehicle. We have a number of accident repair centres across our group, offering you convenience and peace-of-mind.

So, if you’ve been involved in an accident, make sure your first call is to our experienced, friendly support team. They are ready to look after everything for you so you can get on with your life, your business and the things that matter.


Foray Motor Group Ford Accident Repair number

Ford Foray Motor Group Accident Repair Centre

Do I need to call my insurance company first?

No, you don’t. Your insurer will always prefer to direct your vehicle to their approved network to reduce repair costs. Unfortunately this means you may not get a priority service with a manufacturer approved repairer and fully trained & qualified technicians. At Foray Motor Group we believe in a great service for a fair price and our focus is on your future safety. We will repair your vehicle using manufacturer and Thatcham repair methods to the highest standards. We are regularly audited by BSI and Ford to ensure compliance in all areas. We have highly trained staff using the latest equipment and we will only use genuine parts for your vehicle, all to ensure a safe and effective repair whilst helping to maintain the resale value in the process.

This can actually make things even easier for your insurer. Because we are accident assistance professionals, we know exactly how the system works, what needs to be done and we can get things done quickly.

Our accident assistance service doesn’t cost you a penny. The service we provide is 100% free of charge. In fact, it could even be cheaper overall, as using a professional accident assistance team can often speed up the entire process, saving your insurance company time and money. In some cases our repairers can even help with your excess!

It’s your right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Choose the stress-free option and let us do the leg-work!