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New Ford Electric, Hybrid, Mild-Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid

New Ford simple charging options


To make sure your Electric vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid is always charged, Ford has developed a series of practical ways to make charging as simple as possible. Depending on which of our electric cars or vans you own, there are a selection of different Charging options we provide.

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The New All-Electric Mustang Mach-E delivers instant torque and a lot more horsepower than you would expect. Get rid of any thoughts of electric vehicles being boring to drive, and experience the thrill this beast has to offer

Explore the Mustang Mach-E

New Ford Mustang Mach-E 2021


The New Ford Puma’s sleek design inside and out, with incredible Hybrid efficiency and innovative features, doesn’t seek attention, it quietly demands it!

Explore the Ford Puma


There is nothing better than Zero emissions!

Our all-electric vehicle range is powered solely by batteries, resulting in Zero fuel and Zero emissions on the road.

This provides a huge amount of benefits, such as government purchase incentives, no penalties in certain low emission zones, reduced road tax; plus you will save a huge sum of money on fuel each year! Not only that they are much better for our planet.

New Ford all-electric vehicle range


New Ford Plug-in Hybrid vehicles


A startling range with zero emissions

Our Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) come with all the benefits and functionality of our Hybrid range, with the added bonus that they can be externally charged!

With a larger capacity battery, our PHEV range can deliver zero-emission driving for ranges up to 34 miles, with the choice of switching over to Hybrid mode to help save battery life on longer journeys.


An increasingly familiar face in the electric world!

These days we are seeing more and more Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) on British roads. You’ll particularly see more in and around cities and towns where HEVs fuel efficiency is highly desired. Alongside Mild Hybrid (MHEV) vehicles, our Hybrid vehicles have an internal combustion engine, but also house a larger battery and powerful motor.

New Ford Hybrid vehicles

New Ford Mild-Hybrid vehicles


Outstanding fuel efficiency

The internal combustion engine in our Mild Hybrid vehicles is accompanied by a highly efficient electric motor. When you’re at a stand-still or driving at low speeds, the engine can turn itself off with the 48V starter generator seamlessly taking over when needed. The 48V Li-ion battery keeps its power by being constantly recharged by regenerative braking. The handy thing with Mild Hybrid vehicles is you don’t have to manually connect them to a power source.

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