11 Best Gadgets for Electric Cars

Electric cars! Once a visionary’s dream, they are now a reality growing exponentially in popularity. Electric vehicles, or EVs, have taken the auto market by storm. EV owners love the convenience of never having to add petrol, especially in recent times with the cost of oil skyrocketing worldwide. The growing number of electric automobile manufacturers, as well as the major auto makers pledges to produce more EVs, certainly bode well for the industry’s continued growth.

As with any new technology, there have been a few bumps in the road for the EV industry. Nonetheless, electric vehicles continue to gain devotees. As a response to the growing popularity of electric vehicles, manufacturers are beginning to develop add-ons and accessories designed specifically for EVs. Here are a few of the latest items on the market that you may want to purchase to complement your electric vehicle.

EV Chargers

It goes without saying that you’re going to have to charge the batteries in your EV. When you purchase your EV, a charging plug will be provided, and you will be able to plug it into the regular electrical outlet in your home or garage. Using your regular outlet may not provide the fastest charge, so you may want to purchase a home charging station. The EV charger is a suitable accessory for the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Home Charging Stations

These gadgets will decrease the time it takes to charge your car. Some of the home charging stations are Bluetooth enabled so that you can operate them remotely and monitor the progress of your recharge. Although charging at home will increase your electric bill, such increase should be slight compared to the cost of fuel for a traditional internal combustion-powered auto.

Charging Boosters

Installing a home charging station may require the services of a licensed electrician, but requirements can vary based on the particular unit you purchase. If you want to avoid the expense of an electrician, you can purchase a charging booster. This device will plug into your regular wall outlet but will decrease the time required to fully charge your EV.

Extra Charging Cables

Should your charging cable malfunction, an extra charging cord could be a real life saver. Keeping one in the car will also be critical if you are away from home when your car needs a charge. These charging cables come with a heavy-duty rubber housing that prevents the vehicle charging wires from tangling or buckling.

Extension Cords

When your charging cable isn’t long enough to reach your EV, you may need to employ an extension cord. If you purchase one, make sure it’s heavy duty enough to handle the electrical load of an EV charging cable.

Charging Cable Holder

If you have recently purchased an electric car charger, this would be a welcome accessory to add to your home. These are brackets designed specifically for such use. They are made of stainless steel and most of them are rust proof, so you can install one in your outdoor parking area if necessary. Installing one of these is no more complicated than hanging a picture frame, and they will fit most charging cords on the market. They come in different sizes and models, so you can purchase one that suits your needs.

Car Charging Port Cover

If you park your car out of doors while charging you may want to invest in a car charging port cover. This is a simple inexpensive waterproof cover that will protect the electrical connections in your EV during inclement weather. This is a great product to pair with the new hybrid Ford Kuga.

Heated Car Blanket

A heated car blanket can keep you warm in harsh cold weather, and you may want to add one to your EV accessory shopping list. These blankets can plug into your car’s power outlet and are more powerful than traditional car heaters. If you have the unfortunate experience of a cold weather breakdown in your EV, this can keep you warm until help arrives. Many brands on the market offer automatic shut off after a period of time and indicators to prevent any accidental overheating.

Electric Vehicle Tyres

While you can use conventional tyres on your electric vehicle, it may be wise to purchase tyres specifically designed for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are heavier, have more powerful and faster acceleration, and require lower rolling resistance. Your EV will require tyres with better traction to grip road surfaces. With a regular tyre that doesn’t have as much grip, you’ll likely wear out the rubber much faster than with a non-electric vehicle.

Electric Car Jack

At some time during the life of your car, you will likely experience a flat tyre. While not specific to electric cars, an electric car jack will be most effective if you have a flat in the middle of nowhere, or if you want to stop and help a stranded motorist with a flat. The jack is powered by your car’s power outlet and lifts the car so you can add your spare tyre.

All Weather Floor Mats

All weather floor mats are a great add on to get, whether you have an electric vehicle or not. They will protect your car’s flooring from dirt, rain, snow, and any food or drink spills that may occur. By protecting the original flooring in your car, all weather floor mats can also help to protect its resale value. This product is great for those with the new Ford E-Transit as van floors tend to get dirty and mucky and this product can help a lot.

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