5 facts about Ford Transit vans for 50th anniversary

Last month the famous Ford Transit van celebrated being on the road for 50 years and the popularity of the van certainly hasn’t stopped.

In fact, Ford Transit van dealers in Andover and in other parts of the UK will vouch for the model being one of the best and most popular automobiles ever made, as small, medium and large Ford Transit vans are seen all over the country.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Transit van, an article on the Independent.ie has compiled a list of 10 things that people might not know about the iconic van and here we have included the best five.

One van for Europe

In the early fifties, Henry Ford Junior planned to create “one van for Europe”. The idea was actually looked into, with a Ford employee told to research how milkmen and a builders’ merchant were using vehicles in London.

Average mileage for Ford Transits is big

The average mileage for a Ford Transit van in today’s society is 40,000 km (24,855 miles) and there is even a model in Germany that has racked up a mileage of 999,000 km (620,750 miles).

Ford van parts last a long time

The life of some parts of the Ford Transit van have recently been increased to 400,000 km, which is much longer than with parts from other van makers.

Classic Transit vans are worth a lot of money

Classic Ford Transit vans from the sixties can be worth more than £43,000 today, which is a great return on a van that back then wouldn’t have cost half as much to buy brand new.

Ford Transit firsts

Driver and passenger airbags, an electronic stability programme (ESP) and a 5,000-mile service interval were some of the first special features implemented into modern-day Ford Transit vans.

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