New Ford car and van models coming in 2024

New innovative technologies and engineering discoveries are opening the doors to a whole new level of creativity in our new car and van range opening for Ford.

With new Ford 2024 vehicles on the horizon, the expansion of its new electric “future” range has been greatly anticipated. From electric SUVs to E-transits, Ford reinvents classic cars to their newest modern interpretation to answer all your driving needs.

Future Ford car models confirmed for 2024

Explore Ford’s newest models of future cars.

Introducing the all-new Ford Mustang

Witness the modern creation of Ford’s digitised driving experience of an already iconic car model – the brand-new Ford Mustang.

The new Ford Mustang delivers on performance through its powerful new Gen IV 5.0 litre V8 engine that can be heard wherever it goes. The engine contains a dual air intake and dual throttle body for an increase in airflow that makes tackling high speeds a breeze.

The Mustang adapts to the driver and will be available in two styles, the coupe and convertible, each with a personalised design that expresses the car's sporty and sophisticated nature.

2024 ford mustang dark horse
New Ford Mustang Mach-E for sale

Introducing the new Ford Mustang Mach-E

Introducing the new Ford Mustang Mach-E.

The classic Ford Mustang has been revived as a sporty Electric SUV.

Become one with the road with the modern virtual experience of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E. Some of its best features are its range, charging durability, and sustainable eco-friendly driving, with exclusive Ford BlueCruise technology. Ford has planned to update the batteries for an extended range for 2024.

Whether you’re on the roads or racetrack, elevate your driving excitement with the new Ford Mustang.​

Introducing the new Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally

The new Ford Mustang Mach-E sports update for early 2024 with advanced capabilities like never before. From premium interior and unique body styling and updated Mustang Mach-E GT powertrain, the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally is set to become the newest Ford supercar.

Experience dramatic rally-inspired driving with adaptable high speeds for exciting drives on the road and off across exhilarating dirt tracks.

Coming soon, the new Mustang Mach-E Rally is the only Ford car with RallySport Drive Mode ready to adapt on corners for smooth control at top speeds.

New Ford Mustang Mach-E Rally Coming to Foray Motor Group
New All-Electric Ford Explorer

Introducing the new All-Electric Ford Explorer

The ultimate all-electric SUV is here. The iconic Ford Explorer has been electrified to be an adventure-ready, mid-sized crossover.

Showing off futuristic looks and an ultra-modern interior, whilst offering an intelligent digital experience. Featuring a stylish soundbar-style speaker, alongside advanced driver assistance technologies.

The new Ford Explorer conquers longer journeys and road trips. Within just 25 minutes, fast charging will raise energy levels from 10 to 80 percent.

Introducing the Ford Kuga

The all-new Ford Kuga is an incredibly efficient and elegant SUV.

Available as a Plug-in Hybrid, a Full Hybrid, or an EcoBoost petrol engine, the Ford Kuga offers complete versatility when driving.

With a spacious interior, this stylish method of transport has extremely hard-working capabilities with an impressive top MPG of 282.Text here ...

2024 ford kuga bursting green

Future Ford van models confirmed for 2024

Here are the new vans and commercial vehicle models coming for 2024.

Introducing the all-new Tourneo Courier

The Tourneo Courier is optimised for driving adventures with electricity. Including various storage options, the all-new Tourneo Courier is ideal for all your outdoor trips.

Primed for flexible driving, from the foldable rear seats and the choice between petrol and even an all-electric powertrain, this modern, compact MPV can easily adapt to whatever suits you best and your location.

All-New Transit Courier | New styling, technology and more!
All-New Transit Courier Coming Soon

Introducing the all-new Transit Courier

Putting productivity-boosting power into a compact van package, the All-New Transit Courier has increased load capacity in every dimension, with space for two Euro Pallets in the cargo area.

A new high-tech cabin makes for a productive drive. With maximum stowage ability and customisation options to choose from, your new Transit Courier makes business operations effortless with its variety of storage, power, and durability on road.

Introducing the all-new E-Transit Courier

Introducing the All-New E-Transit Courier. Joining Ford Pro's line-up of electrified and connected vehicles, bringing enhanced productivity and connectivity.

Re-designed to deliver 25% more load volume than the current Transit Courier model, with an increased payload and the space for two Euro Pallets.

Capable of all your storage needs, your best commercial solution is the all-new Ford Transit Courier.

All-New E-Transit Courier
2024 all-new ford transit custom van

Introducing the all-new Transit Custom

Introducing the new Transit Custom! Re-imagined, the new Transit Custom exerts full connectivity and productivity.

Your van can now work as your office, working alongside intelligent software and Ford Pro connectivity tools. This works to increase vehicle uptime and productivity. Your van now works as hard as you! Providing you with ultimate efficiency, whilst saving you and your business money. The all-electric E-Transit Custom has zero emissions, moving us into the future of vehicles.

Introducing the all-new E-Tourneo Custom

Targeting both personal use and business use, the All-New E-Tourneo Custom offers spacious accommodation for up to eight passengers.

Housing a host of premium features, such as hands-free power side doors, track-mounted rear seating, a B&O audio system, digital key cars, a panoramic glass roof, and an innovative tilting steering wheel, this new model has it all.

Enjoy a new level of ride comfort and stability offered through electric propulsion and the optimised chassis architecture with independent rear suspension.

all new tourneo custom image gallery

Find out when the newest Ford vehicles will become available in 2024

Discover the future of driving with Ford’s newest models and the ideal vehicle suited for you. At Foray Motor Group, we offer the newest and best range of new Ford cars and vans that utilise future technologies for an optimised road experience.

Enquire about your new future Ford 2024 vehicle and be the first to know about Ford’s future range coming soon. When released, book a test drive for your next car and witness the spectacular innovations Ford has in store for its 2024 range of exciting vehicles.

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