FordPass Connect

The FordPass app and the brand New FordPass Connect modem allows you to be connected with your car in a way like never before. This is all because a range of connected services on your smartphone, and in your vehicle, work together keeping you connected on every journey.


Real-time traffic updates

Your SYNC 3 Navigation system will be enhanced with Live Traffic, delivering real-time traffic updates to you every 30 seconds. This is our most up-to-date and accurate system ever! This new innovative technology will then adjust your recommended route to ensure you avoid any unnecessary traffic or road closures, helping you to have a stress free journey and arrive on time. Live Traffic is complementary with FordPass Connect for the first two years.


In-car Wi-Fi

You don’t have to use up all your smartphone’s valuable mobile data to stay online, due to an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot that offers you up to 4G LTE. Connect with ease a maximum of 10 devices to your hotspot, load up your favourite tunes, and make those long journeys fly by for the passengers in your car. FordPass Connect offers you 3 months or 3GB of data complementary. After you have used up one of these complementary gifts, you can buy data packages for a day, month or even a year from Vodaphone. Visit their website for more details.


Potentially life-saving features

The All-New Focus will see the launch of eCall. This is a potentially life-saving feature that’s purpose is to reduce the time between a serious accident happening and emergency assistance being at the scene. In the rare event of an incident, FordPass Connect can automatically place an eCall, sending your vehicle's location to the emergency services. Not only this, there is an option to press an SOS button in your car which will contact the emergency services directly. The SOS button could be used if you witness an accident or require emergency assistance yourself.

Take control remotely with the FordPass app

Pair your smartphone up with FordPass Connect via the FordPass app and it will be more powerful than ever. Once fully connected, you can access an abundance of futuristic new features.

Start your engine using your smartphone!

If your vehicle is an automatic transmission, you can now connect your smartphone to your car and start your engine from the comfort of your own home, workplace or wherever you are! This is extremely useful on bitter winter mornings where you can start your engine from your phone and start defrosting. This innovative feature will lock your doors automatically whilst the engine is on, the vehicle will still require you to have your key before you can begin driving. There’s no need to worry-your car is still safe!


Locking and unlocking via your smartphone

One of the FordPass apps handiest features is remote locking and unlocking. This is a simple feature that allows you to give family or friends access to your vehicle without you having to rush close to it and unlock it. You could be 10 floors up in your office and allow a close friend to grab something from your car simply by pressing a button on your phone!


Stress-free parking

If you have lost your car in a busy car park and can’t remember where you parked it, don’t worry! Simply go onto the FordPass app and you can see your cars exact location on a small map.

Vehicle Health Alerts

Amongst a range of other helpful notifications, the FordPass app can also tell you when a lightbulb’s failed, when your oil needs changing, or even if your engine is starting to overheat. This alert will inform you exactly what the issue is as well as giving you recommendations on how to take action. Additionally, you have to option to schedule appointments online with your nearest or preferred Ford Dealer or give Roadside Assistance a call. This is all available within the FordPass app.

How to Activate FordPass Connect?

Please speak with your nearest Foray Dealership in regards to activating FordPass Connect when you collect your vehicle.