5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Driving Gloves

Driving is cool, but what’s even cooler is looking good while behind the wheel, and driving gloves are a key part of that. Not only do they look great but there are legitimate benefits to wearing them, improving and enhancing many aspects of the experience. There are a whole of bunch of reasons to slip on a pair and here are five of them.

Better Grip

We all want to feel in control when driving. Driving is of course a responsibility, a big one, and that stability, that authority you have over the vehicle is crucial. Driving gloves can play a key factor in that by providing you with superior grip over the wheel.

Mulholland Racer, an online driving outfitter, spoke to us about this very subject and the great benefit their driving gloves provide.

“Tyres are vitally important to the car as they are the contact point with the road. Driving gloves are much the same, as they improve the grip and feel between driver and the steering wheel.

“Our gloves are handmade in the UK using the finest capeskin leather, which have been treated so the fingers can still operate a smart-device. Our bespoke Delaney gloves can be designed by our customers - choosing from around 40 different leathers. That level of personalisation has been chosen by around 45% of our customers”.

Mulholland Racer are exactly right and the results are demonstrable. Professional drivers require the use of gloves so they can exhibit greater control over their cars, they need every bit of that control to do their job effectively. And while you might not be racing cars for a living, or ever, you are bound to come across scenarios where you will want that extra grip on the wheel.

Maintains steering wheel

There are many reasons why you might want to maintain the condition of your steering wheel. First and foremost it’s the tool in which you direct your car, therefore it would be prudent to look after it, but also because keeping the wheel in tip top shape will allow for a higher sell on value in the future.

Driving gloves can absolutely help with this. The natural oils on your skin, and the sweat you may produce can deteriorate certain materials around you, like those on your steering wheel. This is especially true in luxury cars and wheels that are covered in wood or leather. Therefore by putting on some gloves can combat these effects and keep your wheel looking great.

Toby Logue, the director of black.co.uk -- a retailer of luxury accessories -- had this to say about the benefits of driving gloves, including how they can help maintain your cars’ steering wheel.

“Our classic driving gloves in black and dark brown are for the practical car enthusiast as they give you better control of the wheel, provide warmth in cold temperatures and reduce wear and tear on the steering wheel”.

Combat hand fatigue 

When driving for a long time, constantly gripping the wheel, your hands can become tired and sometimes injury can occur. More often than not we are only in our cars for short amounts of time in any given session, but when heading out for longer journeys our hands can tire out.

This is why lorry drivers where gloves; to protect and cushion the impact of the wheel, allowing for a more comfortable experience and to prevent things like blisters from occurring which can stem from gripping the wheel for too long. This factor is important to consider and makes driving gloves an attractive proposition.

Provides comfort in varying temperatures

Gone are the days – when driving gloves were popularised – where cars had no roofs as a rule and the cold effects of the outside air made covering your hands a necessity. But we are still at the mercy of the elements even with climate control and fancy heating.

In the cold winter months, sliding on a pair of driving gloves before getting behind the wheel of your Ford car has obvious benefits. Acting as an insulator, the materials will seal in that much needed warmth while your car heats up, a welcome comfort on your morning commute.

Gloves can also benefit you during hotter times of the year, as sweat can affect your control and grip over the wheel, and as mentioned previously, this is something you want to avoid at all costs. A nice pair of driving gloves will combat these unwanted effects.

They look cool

We receive a lot of our trends from films. Movies and larger pop culture are a huge influence on us and for sometimes very good reason. Cars in films are often depicted in very trendy ways and none were cooler than the hyper stylish neon-noir car flick Drive.

The main character of this film – played with effortless cool by Ryan Gosling – not only drove nice cars to good music, but looked great doing it. A key part of that fact were the driving gloves he sported, showing the world just how cool they can be.

Black.co.uk are also very aware of the fashionable appeal of driving gloves, for both men and women, having this to say about their collection.

“For our more fashion conscious customers our collection of two tone Italian leather driving gloves are a big hit. As well as providing all the practical benefits mentioned previously, they give a sartorial edge to any outfit when on the road”

The truth is driving gloves have always looked great, and have been attracting men and women to their cause for decades. Yes, there is utility in them as already discussed, but there is also no denying that they are a fantastic looking accessory and a paramount contribution to the driving aesthetic.

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