Team Sky uses Ford support vehicles during Tour de France

Viewers of the 103rd Tour de France, which started on Saturday 2nd July, may have noticed that Team Sky is using Ford for its support vehicles.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Team Sky had teamed up with Ford after ending their partnership with Jaguar. This new partnership means that Ford will be providing support to the team when it takes part in some of cycling’s highest profile races.

A number of cars and SUVs that are available in Ford van dealerships in Salisbury and the rest of Britain are being used by Team Sky.

The fleet of Ford support vehicles is being headed up by the new Ford Mustang. Edge, Kuga, S-MAX, Transit and Mondeo models are also being supplied to help support the team win this year’s race.

Ford Mustang to head fleet

According to an article in Auto Express, the 5.0-litre V8 Fastback Mustang will be at the head of the fleet, with its ability to reach 0-62mph in just 4.8 seconds making it the perfect car to assist riders during the race.

Although the Mustang is seen as the head of Team Sky’s support vehicles, the Mondeo support cars will be used the most as they will be carrying the bikes and equipment as well as other members of the team.

The Transit models, which are sold at Ford van dealers in Poole, will also be used to ferry equipment and personnel before, during and after races.

The Tour de France is the most famous cycling race in the world. This year the 21-stage race will cover a total distance of 3,159 kilometres and will consist of nine flat stages, nine mountain stages, one hilly stage and two individual time trial stages.

Team Sky has had huge success at the Tour de France in recent years, with Chris Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins winning three of the last four yellow jerseys. Ford will be hoping this trend continues this year.

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