Ford reveal new in-car partnership with Spotify

It has been confirmed that the Michigan-based automotive manufacturers Ford have launched an official partnership with Spotify, one of the world's biggest digital music groups, to provide more comprehensive in-car entertainment than ever before.

The announcement, which is sure to increase business for Ford car dealers amongst music loving drivers across the UK and beyond, will see Spotify become the first music streaming service to be made available on Ford's new Applink device, which is set to be rolled out in its vehicles around Europe shortly.

Details of this new agreement with Spotify were outlined at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), although it has yet to have been confirmed whether or not the service will be made available only to drivers who have already signed up to the Spotify Premium package.

Whether this is the case or not, however, it cannot be disputed that this move represents a big step forward in terms of onboard entertainment, especially as the Spotify app is expected to be fully integrated with voice recognition, allowing users to select options like 'shuffle', 'repeat', 'now playing', 'recently played' and 'star/unstar track' with ease and complete safety.

Speaking at the MWC, Ford's Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Research and Innovation, Paul Mascarenas, summed up the development by saying that 'we are entering the age of the connected car', as part of an announcement which also saw the company reveal their new EcoSport compact SUV model.

This latest development underlines the commitment that Ford has towards advancing their range of vehicles in every possible way. Both new and used Ford cars offer innovation, excellent performance and value for money; whilst older models perhaps lack some of the groundbreaking technology present in the newly released models, the affordability provided by Ford's second hand cars will be perfect for those buying their transport on a strict budget.

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