Ford cars rank highly in low emission chart

A new chart listing the top cars currently available in the UK in terms of their carbon emissions outputs has ranked two of the most popular Ford models highly.

The list was compiled by a leading firm of fleet management and lease specialists, and shows that all ten of the vehicles mentioned provide significantly better CO2 values than the industry average, which was recently put at 138.1 g/km by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Both the Focus and the Mondeo make the top 10 list, with the former coming in at number three with an impressively low output rate of 114 g/km; this may well lead to an increased interest in both vehicles at Ford car dealers throughout the UK.

The company which has compiled and published these results has recently been making an increased effort to emphasise the importance of choosing vehicles which offer strong levels of efficiency, especially considering the current economic climate and fuel prices. Choosing low emission cars, their managing director says, could also lead to savings, especially for corporate fleets with other expenses such as tax and National Insurance.

Describing how cars as mainstream as the Focus and Mondeo being able to produce such impressive levels of efficiency would certainly not have been the case to nearly the same extent as it is now even a few years ago, the group's MD said that more and more of their customers are now enjoying the 'immediate' plusses of switching to a cleaner and greener model.

The iconic manufacturer has had a long track record of producing vehicles which lead the way in terms of their environmental benefits compared to other automotive groups, with both new and used Ford cars offering exceptional fuel economy, providing obvious advantages to both drivers and the wider world.

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