EcoBoost production doubles ahead of new Mondeo

The highly anticipated new Ford Mondeo, which is expected to finally reach UK showrooms by the end of 2014, will be responsible for a doubling in the production of EcoBoost engines at the manufacturer's plant in Cologne, Germany.

Since it was made a regular feature of the Fiesta and Focus models, which have been consistently dominating sales charts in Britain for years, the EcoBoost has enjoyed a tremendously positive reception from drivers and industry insiders alike, with its winning combination of high performance and exceptional economy causing demand to surge both here and overseas.

As a result of this increasing popularity, the company has had to significantly up production of the three-cylinder unit, so that existing and new lines are each catered for, with Ford car dealers expected to receive many more orders in the months and years to come.

Discussing the upcoming Mondeo specifically, the sales director of Ford of Britain, Andy Barratt, suggested that 'despite the delay over its successor, demand for the current Mondeo continues to be strong and the conquests we've been making...make it clear that there's plenty of life left in this model, particularly in estate form'.

Barratt also said that he had no concerns about the EcoBoost making a successful transfer to the Mondeo range, explaining that 'it is logical for this unit to go into a bigger car', adding that he and his colleagues believe 'it's more about torque and the way it is delivered than merely output – responsiveness is very good and there have been no issues in the company about this'.

Much of the production of the EcoBoost may be taking place on the other side of the English Channel, but its benefits will be felt at Ford garages in Andover and beyond once it arrives at the tail end of next year.  

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