Zero carbon home project launched by Ford

Ford have taken yet another step towards becoming the automotive industry's undisputed leading proponents of environmentally friendly technology after the manufacturers announced the inclusion of elements of its MyEnergi Lifestyle project into a zero carbon demonstration home in the US.

The groundbreaking ZeroHouse 2.0 site in San Marcos, California, is a collaboration between Ford and KB Home, a construction company based in the same state as the car making giants, Michigan; the house has been built to demonstrate to members of the public that it is possible to lead a fully sustainable and zero emission lifestyle at home, and acts as the perfect platform for Ford to promote their MyEnergi Lifestyle project.

MyEnergi has been developed to show people that the use of efficient domestic appliances, when combined with the transport offered by a plug-in hybrid Ford vehicle, can lead to tremendous savings on a household's annual energy bills without the need for compensating in terms of the quality of their lifestyle. Ford have long been praised and won a number of awards for their commitment towards reducing CO2 emissions, and their contribution to the ZeroHouse 2.0 is yet another example of this dedication.

Whilst showrooms in the UK and elsewhere are rightly focusing on promoting the consumer benefits of buying models such as a Ford Ka for sale, the company's increasing efforts to promote an ethical and environmentally conscious way of life is commendable; from the economical charging of electric vehicles to directing refrigerators to carry out tasks like making ice during the more efficient overnight period, Ford have made it their mission to let as many people as possible know about why switching to a low carbon way of life is always a rewarding choice.

The Bridgend Ford manufacturing plant in Wales recently announced that it will be the site of manufacture for the upcoming 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine, signalling that the UK will also be heavily involved in the group's continuing drive towards creating a more environmentally sensitive range of vehicles.

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