Zenith Announces Green House Gas Tool

Zenith’s vehicle solutions clients will soon have the benefit of a newly-announced tool designed to assist with compliance with the government’s new reporting requirements. The law was passed in July, and created a requirement that any company that is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange include the Green House Gas emissions in their annual Directors’ report. Zenith’s new reporting tool will allow the calculations required by the government to be collected easily, and will also provide valuable information that will allow companies to assess the value of the efforts they are making to be environmentally-friendly with the operation of their fleets.

Zenith’s tool will allow companies to break down or organize the information in a variety of ways, providing global information on the entire fleet, or providing a more granular breakdown that assess individual vehicles and their manufacturers.

It is estimated that approximately 1,100 UK businesses will be required to provide this information, with the regulation then up for review in 2015 to determine whether the law should be extended to include other large companies. There has been some discussion as to exactly how many of the vehicles in use by a company will actually be required to be included in the reports. Though cars owned by employees are specifically not included, there has been some discussion as to whether vehicles that are leased are part of the requirement, as the law was written ambiguously. It is expected that there will be a variety of interpretations and responses to the requirement.