Your Guide to Ford Car Technology

Ford has long been regarded as a pioneer of design and technical innovation in the automobile industry, but in recent years the manufacturer has exceeded all expectations with a portfolio of cars featuring the most up-to-the-minute technological advances. From ways to improve the driving experience to new safety features and a faster ride, Ford has continued to encompass its slogan ‘Go further’.

From sleek design features that you would never even notice to new technology that makes the new Ford seem like something from the future, Ford fans can continue to expect great things from their local Ford dealerships.

Quickclear Heated Windscreen System

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a frosty winter’s day and realising that you have run out of de-icer, particularly if you’re already running behind schedule. From credit cards and scrapers to lukewarm water and even stiletto shoes, people will use anything to get rid of the ice, but thanks to the Quickclear Heated windscreen system, owners of Ford vehicles can just get in their car and have their screen clear with a push of a button. It works by using a mesh network of thin wires between two layers of glass, which help to heat the windscreen when needed.

Check out this video to see just how good the technology is for yourself:

Ford SYNC and SYNC 2

As Ford don’t tend to do anything by halves, it is no surprise that their hands-free option goes all out. The Ford SYNC and SYNC 2 feature allows the driver to remain in complete control whilst staying connected and entertained.

This state-of-the-art technology allows the driver to make calls and control their iPod or MP3 Player through voice activation alone. Because it is not enough just to keep your hands on the wheel, Ford have ensured that your eyes don’t need to veer too far from the windscreen either; its simple voice control technology lets you make phone and music commands at just that – your command. The technology is highly intelligent and can easily detect commands, but should it not recognise what you are saying it offers closely matched alternatives, so you never need be frustrated by miscommunication ever again.

If it weren’t enough that Ford SYNC technology could do all this, it also has an ingenious Emergency Assistance feature that helps the driver or passenger make a direct call to the emergency services in the unlikely event of a crash where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump is deactivated. This lifesaving technology, which is available on the Focus, C-MAX, new Ford B-MAX, new Focus ST, new Fiesta, all-new Kuga and the all-new Transit Custom, has even been recognised by vehicle safety organisation Euro NCAP and has received their Advanced reward.

Active Park Assist

From phone help to parking help, Ford are leading the way again. Ford has perfected their Fully Assisted Parking Aid that actually parks the car for you and while, of course, there is no replacement for human judgement, it does make parking easier and quicker for countless Ford drivers, and it is impressively accurate; just check out this video.

Self-parking Car

Although the idea is still in development stage before it is rolled out as a feature of new Ford cars, this new technology developed by Ford of Europe researchers and engineers will make self-parking available at the push of a button – the driver doesn’t even have to be inside the car. Don’t believe it? Watch the video below to see this amazing new Ford technology in action.

Easy Access Door System

While the Parking Assist makes getting into a space an absolutely doddle, the next problem is trying to get into the back of the car without scraping the doors. Whether it’s taking your children out of the back seats or even putting some shopping in, parking spaces are getting smaller than ever and the last thing you want to do is damage your new Ford vehicle. In the Ford B-MAX, the Easy Access Door System is the perfect way to avoid this issue, with sliding rear doors offering both more room and far less obstruction. Below is a video of an official Ford advert to show just how much extra room the B-MAX can offer!

Ford EcoBoost

From parking faster to driving faster, Ford pushes the boundaries in every area of the driving experience. These incredible new engines are able to deliver larger engine-type performance, with 20 per cent better fuel efficiency and 15 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions making them good for the environment and the pocket.

This is just one example where the top manufacturer is investing in new model Ford cars to make their product work harder and go further for both the driver and the environment.

Active Grill Shutters

The benefits that Ford provide aren’t just on the inside of the vehicle, and the active grill shutters are a prime example of this. Available on a host of models, it allows vents at the front of the engine to automatically open and close, restricting air flow to the radiator and engine compartment to allow for better aerodynamics and fuel consumption. The result is a drag coefficient level that stands among the best in its class, and the better fuel consumption level means the driver will have even more money in their pocket.

Line lock

While Ford are very focused on performance, they also have a fun side as shown in their new Ford Mustang with line lock burnout feature. This system allows the driver to lock the front brakes electronically to produce impressive burnouts more akin to the drag race track than a trip to the supermarket, a first for the industry as more drivers look to be able to take their cars to the drag strip.

The burnout feature of the new Mustang GT can be seen in full the video below:

Rear View Camera

If you are constantly driving through cities or highly-populated areas, reversing your Ford vehicle can be extra problematic due to tight parking spaces and the extra likelihood of someone running out from behind at the last minute. This is one of the many reasons why Ford developed the rear-view camera, a tool that has quickly become the fastest-growing driver aid available from the Ford Motor Company.

Nestled comfortably in the dashboard, it shows obstructions such as low obstacles, animals and children that could hinder a smooth and trouble-free reverse. The proximity of these dangers is also indicated by the traffic light marking system, meaning hitting objects unexpectedly is a thing of the past.

Blind Spot Information

While the Rear View Camera we offer in many of our vehicles can help when reversing, the one problem it won’t be of aid for is the dreaded blind spot. A real issue for drivers on dual carriageways or motorways, not checking before pulling out to overtake could result in a serious incident – especially when travelling at high speed. Ford has the perfect solution in the form of the Blind Spot Information System – or BLIS for short. As the video below shows, Blind Spot Information uses a series of sensors to scan the blind spots of your Ford vehicle for any potential dangers. Should a vehicle or obstruction move into your blind spot, an LED will be illuminated on the corresponding wing mirror to alert the driver.

Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry is a fantastic technology now offered on Ford vehicles, enabling the driver to lock or unlock their vehicle without taking their keys out of their pocket. It works through a series of sensors around the model, detecting the Ford key fob to unlock or lock the doors depending on your direction of travel. Once inside, you still won’t need to use your keys, as starting the engine can be achieved by pressing the FordPower Starter Button.

Deflation Detection System

Because there’s never a good time to have a flat tyre, it’s important to keep an eye on your treads and pressures to make sure you’re not putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Ford have got your back when it comes to this; as part of the Intelligent Protection System they offer a tyre deflation detector, which keeps an eye on the pressures and even alerts you should one or more of your tyres suddenly start losing air. 

Facial Recognition

Although this is currently in development, facial recognition capabilities could offer tougher security than ever for Ford car owners and significantly reduce the level of vehicle crime. It works by taking a picture of the person’s face while they are sat in the driver’s seat, which is then sent to the owner’s smartphone. It is then the owner’s decision to allow or deny the person use of the car, and in the case of the latter, the vehicle is completely locked down and becomes unresponsive. As well as security measures, the owner can also implement aspects such as speed and mileage restrictions for other family members – ideal for newly-qualified drivers.

These are just a few of the impressive new technological features of new Fords; keep your eyes peeled for more as the leading manufacturer paves the way for the cars of the future.

This content was written by Ben Edwards. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.

Image Credits: Ford Motor Company