Young drivers learn new skills with Ford

More young drivers than ever before joined in the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) event at London ExCeL centre in the build-up to Road Safety Week.


Over the three days, more than 470 young drivers gained valuable experience during hands-on, free practical training sessions simulating real-world situations. Speed awareness, distracted driving, vehicle handling, and the simulated effects of drugs and alcohol were some of the elements in DSFL.


In the UK, 17-24 year olds make up 20 per cent of those killed or seriously injured in traffic collisions, despite this age group only holding seven per cent of all driving licences.


A recent AA-Populus Driver Poll of more than 18,500, found that 87 per cent of drivers would encourage family and friends to take part in a free driving skills course based on the four main branches of Ford DSFL: Drink and drug driving, mobile phone use, speeding, and driving in wet or icy conditions.


Linking with Ford and UK charity Brake’s recent #MyNewPhoneBox campaign, aimed at repurposing the car’s glove box as a storage space for the mobile phone, young drivers were encouraged to use their mobile phones on the event’s dedicated driver distraction course to reinforce the dangers of mobile phone use at the wheel.