Yeovil Transit Centre - Model T truck only for Transit Show Live Week 16th - 25th May

To celebrate Ford’s ‘Transit Live’, Yeovil Ford Transit Centre are celebrating not only 50 years of the Transit being the UK’s number one commercial vehicle, they have gone back to the original start of the Ford commercial story and placed a 90 year old, fully original Ford Model T 1 ton truck in their showroom for the event.

This Truck first built in 1925 is original in every aspect and was used last September to haul grain. Fitted with non-skid pneumatic tyres, its approximate cost in the day was £200

The Transit Live event at Yeovil Ford Transit centre has the complete range of modern commercial vans with exiting technology, available to test drive. It also will take you back to the start of the Ford story and a chance to see this amazing Model T truck.