Xmas Orders Impacted by Commercial Vehicle Shortage


Lex Autolease is reporting that as the popularity of e-commerce grows and the holidays grow nearer, many retailers and online businesses are expressing concern that the shortage of commercial vans in the United Kingdom could have an impact on their ability to deliver ordered items in a timely fashion. The report prepared by the fleet operator, which manages over 70,000 commercial vehicles for companies in a wide range of industries, shows that in 2012 there was a 266% increase in the demand for light commercial vans between the third and fourth quarter of the year, and a similar demand is anticipated this year.

With e-commerce revenues in the UK estimated at nearly 80 billion pounds and that business spending nearly a billion on delivery services, it is essential for businesses to position themselves in such a way that they have the resources available. This means making sure that they have the vehicles available to provide for their holiday sales requirements.

The director of commercial vehicles at Lex Autolease, Marcus Puddy, warns that fleet managers need to act quickly to ensure that their business retains a competitive edge:

“With the economic recovery still fragile, it is vital that businesses of all sizes put themselves in the best position to capitalise on any pre-Christmas spike in sales. Fleet managers need to start to address their festive vehicle requirements as early as possible or risk being left out in the cold.”

Puddy said that last year’s holiday deliveries resulted in short-term rentals selling out quickly. He expects that a shortage in the number of available vehicles will combine heightened demand to push prices to an all-time high.