Ford helps drivers lead a brighter life

Modern drivers really do live in an age of enlightenment, with a stark contrast between the night-time driving visibility enjoyed today and the drastically less effective headlamps their grandparents used to light the road ahead.

Images showing the view from cars from a 1908 Ford Model T up to a new Ford Mustang shine a light on just how far headlight technology has come. The cyclist is just 12 metres ahead of each vehicle illuminating the scene.

Drivers of the Model T – more than 15 million of which were sold from 1908 to 1927 – would have to first light the acetylene lamps before hitting the road. Today’s drivers not only benefit from bright xenon and LED headlights but also from technology that can automatically brake for pedestrians.

Xenon headlights – featured on the Mustang – have around three times the output of halogen bulbs. Like the sophisticated LED headlights offered for cars including the Ford Mondeo and Edge SUV, xenon lights produce a bright white light that can make them appear up to five times brighter than the yellowish light of halogen bulbs.