Would you pass your driving test around the world?

Many Brits fear taking their driving test as it is regarded as one of the most rigorous exams in the world, but the UK is not alone as many other countries have difficult tests whilst the same cannot be said for some other countries.

People that have passed their test will agree that it is a weight off your shoulders when the words “you’ve passed” are uttered by the driving examiner, and that there is no better feeling than looking to buy a new car once you have passed. As we have mentioned, passing a driving test in the UK may not be a foregone conclusion, but in some countries it really is.

To give you an insight, we have put together an infographic of driving tests from across the globe and it includes the easiest driving tests in the world and some of the strange manoeuvres some people have to do, like driving in a figure of eight.

driving tests around the world infographic

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Image Credit: michaeljung.