World's oldest Ford sold to founder's great-grandson


It has been well over a century since the very first Ford car dealers started selling the vehicles that would go on to change the world of transport forever, and what is thought to be the oldest surviving of these iconic models has now changed hands once again, passing into the ownership of a truly fitting buyer.  

Bill Ford is the great-grandson of the legendary automotive manufacturer Henry Ford, and was determined to preserve his ancestor's enduring legacy by purchasing a 1903 Model A car which recently went up for sale at auction.

Explaining that he believed it would be a suitable tribute to Henry, whose followers will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of his birth throughout next year, Bill made the transaction to coincide with what will be twelve months of events, commenting that the 'timing was perfect'.

Ford have already begun marking the milestone year in a number of ways, with the motor manufacturers also launching a brand new website in honour of the firm's founder, who was born in Michigan in 1863 and effectively popularised the automobile amongst the American public.

What makes this oldest surviving Ford, which Henry's great-grandson has bought, particularly special is the fact that its initial sale may well have saved the company almost singlehandedly. Henry and his colleagues were struggling to keep his business afloat in July 1903, with less than $250 to their name; if $1,320 had not then been spent on three of these Model A vehicles, there is every possibility the historic carmakers would have folded. 

Now, the group makes and exports their highly renowned vehicles all over the world, and is widely regarded as being one of the foremost manufacturers of any industry. With both new and used Ford car dealers continuing to sell millions of units each and every year, there are certainly no longer any fears about the Michigan based firm's strength looking to the future.

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