'White Van Man' is not Least Loved Driver

IT’S official – van drivers are NOT top of the list of most hated road users, although they do make the top five, according to a new survey by the Colin Appleyeard Motor Company.

The survey, part of a larger marketing exercise, asked more than 1100 people across the UK who were the worst drivers by profession. ‘White Van Man’ came fourth of five categories – so by no means are small business van operators the most vilified people behind the wheel.

That distinction went to ‘Sales Executives’, followed by ‘Boy Racers’, then ‘Taxi Drivers’. ‘School Run Mums’ came in fifth place.

The survey – and here’s where you can make up your own mind – also asked who were the worst car drivers by make. People who drive Audi and BMW cars were named as the country’s least favourite road users, and drivers of ‘executive cars’ were dismissed as ‘rude’ and ‘arrogant’ by respondents.

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