What’s the weather today?


Weather – it’s the hot topic in British conversations and is used as the ice-breaker to start a conversation in a meeting of strangers.


It’s also an essential in the Ford community at the moment as the car maker launches a new weather testing facility in Germany that can offer arctic, desert, and Everest base camp conditions in three tunnels situated within metres of each other.


We don’t get those extremes here in the UK no matter how bad we imagine our weather to be – it’s unpredictable at times, but never that extreme.


But it’s good to know that wherever you take your Ford, be it a New KA+ or an off-road Edge or Ranger, it will keep you warm and safe as it continues to perform as intended whatever the conditions.


So even if you are planning nothing more extreme than the school or supermarket run, it’s good to know that Ford’s €70 million new facility will make sure you get there! 


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