TRCB, one of the largest news portals on the internet, have just published a very interesting article about the advantages of taking out commercial van insurance for yours or your business' vehicles. Here are just a few of the highlights.
Many people who buy a van solely for business use are unclear whether they should purchase commercial insurance or simply add the vehicle to their personal car policy. There are plenty of reasons why commercial van insurance is the recommended choice though.
Firstly, when you take out commercial insurance for a vehicle such as a Transit Van, it can become a tax write off, meaning savings for your company whilst also receiving the top level of insurance.
Security is another benefit for both yourself and your employees, knowing that medical expenses and property damage expenses are included in most base commercial insurance policies can mean peace of mind for you and your company.
These are just a couple of the benefits, so when you purchase a new vehicle, such as one of the many great new Ford vans available, you will have a good idea about choosing the right insurance policy.