In recent years the Energy Saving Trust (EST) have been offering advice and guidance to drivers of vans and cars, on how to conserve fuel by smarter driving practices. By following the organisations very simple tips drivers, of everything from cars to new Ford vans, could find themselves saving over 15% in fuel consumption.
It is certainly no surprise that this advice has been echoed by many within the fleet and van industry, with the latest being the marketing director of GPS fleet tracking company FleetMatics, Richard Brooks.
Some tracking systems include the ability to record when a driver goes above a set speed limit, as fuel economy will drop when over 60mph. By following the simple tips from organisations such as the EST, you could begin to save money on your fuel economy. Another tip for better fuel economy is to ensure your tyres are inflated properly; research carried out by the tyre manufactures Michelin has show that Britain wastes £337million per year with under inflated tyres. Another great way to experience high fuel economy is to invest in one of the latest and innovative vehicles on the market, such as the Transit van.