A report released by Inrix, a company that tracks and details real time traffic information, has given an insight into the level of traffic congestion we can expect throughout the next year.
Those living or having to commute within London will be seeing one of the largest rises within the UK, almost 33%, meaning many of the major routes in London could be seeing traffic moving at a crawling rate of 12mph.
One of the main factors of the congestion increase will of course be the Olympic Games, and in particular the opening ceremony that will be taking place on Friday July 27th.
Drivers of commercial vehicles such as Ford Transit vans are advised to make sure they leave themselves enough time so that they will be able to complete any day to day jobs that would require them to visit central London.
An initiative is already in effect within central London to lower carbon emissions, the LEZ system. One of the main regulations being a high charge for older, less efficient vehicles within a set zone within the capital, something that has encouraged more people to invest in new Ford vans.