VOSA Cracking Down on Vehicle Safety

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), which is tasked with ensuring that vehicles on the roads are in compliance with all safety regulations, has indicated that they will be redoubling their efforts with reference to vans. In the past, the agency has focused largely on heavier vehicles, but based on previous evidence of low compliance on the part of light commercial vehicle operators, they will be increasing their activity involving the popular LCVs, including roadside inspections.

The statistics cited by the agency’s representatives back up the need for more diligence, indicating that half of LCVs fail their Ministry of Transport (MOT) inspections, and that the vehicles are involved in double the number of accidents as heavy goods vehicles. Frequently the vehicles are prohibited entirely, or are carrying too heavy a load.

The VOSA acknowledges that much of the problem originates from ignorance of specific rules and guidelines, and so they are going to offer education and training when compliance checks discover violations that operators wish to address. This offer will be accompanied by fines that can reach up to L200 per violation. If, however, there is no interest expressed in compliance, stronger action will be taken, and for those companies that operate heavy goods vehicles as well as light commercial vans, the possibility of complete revocation of their O-licenses is a possibility.

Drivers can expect to see compliance check stations popping up in 20 major cities, as well as to see a program or raised awareness being initiated by a number of trade organizations. It is hoped that this combined effort will raise awareness as well as the level of cooperation. The goal of the overall effort is to enhance road safety by ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained and safely and appropriately operated.

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