The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (or VOSA) has teamed up with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and is now clamping down on commercial vehicle load security and safety on the UK's roads. Since the start of its recent pilot safety scheme in the summer, the new scheme will see VOSA road officers targeting all sizes of commercial vehicles that flout any of the load safety rules.
This scheme has been designed to help VOSA officers identify poorly secured, hazardous, or unsecured loads being transported. Since June, when the pilot scheme started, VOSA has issued 74 prohibition notices to hauliers for transporting loads they deemed to be unsafe.
VOSA is now planning to roll out the scheme to all of its officers across the whole of the UK from November 2012, who will all be trained to enforce the new initiative.
So, if you plan on buying new Ford vans, including the new a pick-up style Transit vans which fall under the scrutiny and jurisdiction of VOSA officers, make sure your load security adheres to commercial vehicle loading guidelines and is non-hazardous to other road users at all times.