Virtual factories soon to be a reality for Ford

‘Virtual factories' are soon to become commonplace within the Ford Motor Company if ongoing developments continue at their current pace.

The idea behind the concept is to maximise efficiency within the assembly line and production stages, meaning that preparing Ford cars for sale should, in time, become a much more well-organised and universal process.

Different scenarios will be created in these virtual environments, allowing designers and factory coordinators to plan for each potential complication that could arise at any point. A virtual employee, known as ‘Jack' by his developers, has also been brought to life, so that the effect of even the tiniest movements of a worker on the speed of building a car can be analysed.

This groundbreaking technological innovation could result in wholesale changes to the way in which many models are produced, with the vehicles arriving at new and used Ford car dealers in years to come having been made using the world's most advanced automobile manufacturing methods yet.

Image credit: Phil Whitehouse (