Virgin Media have unveiled a special range of new ‘Super-vans' aimed at promoting their range of digital services, featuring some eye-catching movie-themed decorations.
The company's fleet, which is made up of the latest new Ford vans, is set to raise eyebrows on the UK's roads in the coming months, with each model being decked up to look like a famous vehicle from Hollywood blockbuster favourites.
Some recent additions to the Super-van selection include Virgin's interpretation of Thunderbird 2, the jeep from Jurassic Park, Lighting McQueen from Cars, Optimus Prime from Transformers and, of course, the Batmobile.
The executive director of access at Virgin Media, Maurice Daw, spoke of his confidence in this special range of vans being able to put a smile on the faces of the public as they travel around the country, and how their drivers and engineers are always proud of being in control of these unique vehicles.