Vans with new Technology Achieve 70% Emission Reduction


A new hydrogen-fuel technology devised by ULEMCo has recently been verified by the VCA, meaning that it is now able to be introduced to the public. According to Amanda Lyne, CEO of ULEMCo, “We are delighted that our hydrogen-powered vans meet the requirements of VCA. The way is now open for us to roll out the system to fleet operators looking to dramatically reduce their diesel emissions in line with the overall UK Commitment to reducing the impact on air quality and climate change.”

The test was done on Ford Transit vans. The vehicles were retrofitted with the state-of-the-art hydrogen gas system, and were found to register emissions of 59g/km of CO2. This represents a 70 percent reduction when compared to the same vehicle that had not undergone a conversion, as well as a 40 percent reduction in NOx. The VCA is the UK Vehicle Type Approval authority.

The addition of the new technology, which is described as a dual fuel conversion, allows vans to run approximately 200 miles on hydrogen fuel. Once the hydrogen store is completely depleted, the vehicle then automatically switches over to its diesel supply.

The conversion has been made to fit onto standard commercial vans, and can conveniently be switched back and forth between different vehicles. Business owners concerned about impact on payload will be happy to hear that cargo space is completely unimpacted, as the kit is fitted to the vehicle undercarriage.