The bi-annual Delhi Auto Expo opened its doors on Thursday and it was the increasing popularity of large vans that was perhaps the main talking point. From Ford Transit vans in Europe to the US's Econoline, 2011 brought with it van sales that indicate a turning tide when it comes to the world's vehicle type of choice.
The Indian market, in particular, seems to be showing a greater interest in larger automobiles than ever before. With more business-friendly sizeable vehicles needed in a rapidly expanding economy, it is predicted that India's demand for vans will actually eclipse that of the demand for smaller cars within the next few years. Industry experts IHS Automotive have said that van and SUV sales should reach yearly sales figures of 1.3 million by 2020, compared to current figures of 434,000.
With new Ford vans set to be developed in India - they will be basing production of their EcoSport model in the country - the ever-reliable and popular manufacturer is sure to lead the way in this developing market.