Great news for those who are contemplating upgrading their commercial vehicle in the near future; a report has just shown that van values are strengthening.
It means that there has never been a better time to invest in a new van model, such as the Ford Transit, the most popular van in Europe. The report was compiled by Mainhem and showed that during January, used commercial vehicle values had increased by 1.1% compared to figures in 2011.
This is a signal that there is an underlying strength within the used commercial vehicle market, which is certainly great news during a month when, for the first time in several months, van registrations have dropped. Something to note though is that even though there has been a slight decrease in the market, figures are still more than 12 percent up on last years trading!
So with used van prices on the rise, you could have even more in your pocket to invest in one of many new Ford vans from a commercial van dealer such as Foray Commercial.