Van Sales Optimism for 2013

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Trade (SMMT), has expressed optimism that as new innovations and technologies are released onto the market, sales will rise in 2013. Early activity so far this year would certainly seem to support the fact that LCV sales are improving on vehicles such as new Ford Transit Vans.

This would certainly be a welcome trend as pessimism about the economy and business prospects had a distinctly dampening impact on the sales of commercial vehicles in the UK during 2012; overall registrations for the year were down nearly six percent as compared to 2011, with a sharp decline of 15.8 percent during the month of December. The market did show a bit of growth in the heavy truck divisions, but van sales declined.

Overall registrations in the commercial vehicle division reached 285,343 units, with just over 19,000 registered during December. The end of the year showed a marked drop in all areas, with van sales for the year dropping by 7.9 percent but nearly doubling its drop in December to 14.2 percent; truck registrations showed an even more dramatic descent, as the overall sales for heavier commercial vehicles for the year improved by 6.4 percent, but December’s year-over-year numbers dropped by 22.4 percent. Economists are taking a careful look at the trend, noting the heavier vehicle sales improvement as compared to the rapid descent of the lighter-weight vehicle sales. The trend was repeated throughout the entire European Union, with German demand falling by 13.6 percent, 20.7 percent in France, and 27.5 percent in Italy.