Van’s Appearance Counts to Clients Says Research

A newly released study has provided food for thought for fleet managers and owners of light commercial vehicles that visit customer sites. The survey indicates that ninety percent of people have strong opinions about the appearance of the vans that are used by tradespeople and believe that they should pay more attention to the way that their vans appear. Sixty-three percent said that if a company’s van appeared to be in bad condition they would hesitate to call for service again, and that if a van was dirty or neglected it was a definite negative for future business.

Two thousand people took part in the survey, which indicated that first impressions are just as important with light commercial vehicles as they are with personal appearance. In fact, ‘condition of repair’ of the van was the number one consideration of a client’s first impression of a business. The survey showed that if a business’ van was dirty, people were more likely to rank service as poor and to have the impression that they had not got their money’s worth.

Following disrepair, dirt was the second biggest concern about a business van, and was considered to be an indication of an inconsiderate business that would provide poor service.

Perhaps the most important of all of the findings of the survey was that the newer or more high quality a van appeared to be, the more it was associated with a business that had good experience and knowledge and a high level of professionalism.

The study’s sponsor stated that, “Trade vans act as ‘calling cards’ and play an important role in forming people’s first impressions of a business. Our research shows that the British public are quite discerning. They will draw conclusions on the quality of a business’ goods and services by the condition of its vans, paying particular attention to cleanliness and state of repair, which can have a significant bearing on buying decisions.”