Van Rental Companies Report Requests for Speed Limiters

More and more companies are holding off on purchasing their own fleet vehicles and opting instead for renting light commercial vehicles for short-term periods, and the rental companies that are providing these vehicles are noticing that many are requesting that speed limiters be installed in the vans.

These optional pieces of equipment not only help companies ensure that their drivers are complying with safety and environmental policies, but they are also cutting down dramatically on costs. By limiting the speed that a vehicle is driven, fuel costs drop substantially.

Northgate, the leading UK company in commercial vehicles for hire, including many Ford Transit vans has done the analysis and has found that by setting the vehicle’s speed to a limit of 69, savings of five percent can be achieved, while a similar limit of 62 saves an even more substantial seven percent. Additionally, setting speed limits at 62 can cut road fatalities by almost half.

The market for renting commercial vehicles rather than purchasing them has continued to be strong as the economy struggles to regain its firm footing, and the ability of rental companies to provide fleet operators with vehicles that they can hold onto short term while still being able to enforce the type of safety, cost-saving and administrative policies that they would if they were purchasing and enhancing their own vehicles.

Though the number of requests for limiters has been on the upswing, the companies offering rentals are not finding an increase in requests for vehicles that offer greater overall efficiencies.