Van Presence Continues to Grow in Britain

A study conducted by Direct Line for Business (DL4B) indicates that van ownership continues to rise throughout Britain, with one in ten new vehicles on the road - a new van. Certain areas that have large industrial, warehouse distribution and engineering hubs are seeing higher concentrations than others. For example, Darlington, an area that is home to engineering firms and the nation’s largest retail warehouse distribution center. Darlington was revealed to have 611 vans for every thousand of its residents, a statistic that far exceeds the national representation of 68 per 1,000. Other areas that show large van concentrations are Slough, where there are 370 vans per 1,000 people, and Swindon, where there are 204 vans per 1,000 people.

Overall, the ten percent of registrations represented by vans shows a three percent increase between 2012 and 2013, and a five percent increase in the last five years.

One of the notable trends that was shown through analysis of the Department for Transport data indicated that older van purchasers are more likely to get significant savings through negotiation of price, with many saving as much as £3,000 on their purchase. Younger drivers are less likely to haggle, with less than 25% indicating that they have done so, while over half of those between the age of 35 and 54 have successfully lowered the price they paid for their vehicle.