Van Operators Recognized at Fleet Van Summit

The Fleet Van Summit was held on September 18th, and during that event the FTA’s Van Excellence Review 2014 recognized the role that vans and their operators play in the market in the United Kingdom. The van market is the fastest growing sector in the market, and the document states that the van is “a versatile tool for modern business.” The vehicle type is used by businesses of all types, ranging from utility and delivery companies, facilities maintenance and infrastructure companies, and local authorities. Despite the prevalence of the van, with 3.4 million vehicles on the road, the sector often faces day-to-day challenges.

One of the most important issues raised within the Van Excellence Review was the need to professionalise the van fleet – to get van operators accredited by the Van Excellence scheme in order to raise standards for the industry. Speaking at the event, Mark Cartwright, head of the FTA’s van division, said, “FTA Van Excellence would like to issue a challenge, an invitation and a call to action to anyone associated with the van sector. Vans underpin the economic activity of the UK. In this report we have identified the many challenges which affect van operators and the various solutions which are possible. We feel passionately about taking action to professionalise the UK van parc, empowering and inspiring all to raise standards, improve safety and encourage the commercial success of UK plc. Professionalising the industry will bring benefits to both society and industry.”

Since its launch in 2010, the Van Excellence Programme has captured the imagination of the commercial vehicle sector and attracted a determined and dedicated membership of professional fleet operators and loyal suppliers determined to raise standards.