One of the UK's largest commercial vehicle insurance providers has released some advice for van drivers and owners of commercial vehicles regarding winter weather.
One of the largest factors that many road safety charities blame for many for accidents that involve commercial vehicles is the non preparation of vehicles for winter weather conditions and a lack of vehicle maintenance.
This is why the commercial insurers have released a list of tips for drivers and fleet owners to bear in mind, and to help them keep safe during the icy and cold weather that normally faces the country at this time of year.
Everything from ensuring that your wiper blades and all engine and windscreen fluids are topped up can help you with your visibility whilst driving. Another factor discussed is making sure that you are aware of upcoming or present weather conditions, and if needed avoid the dangerous conditions.
If you own a whole fleet of new Ford vans or just one vehicle, such as the Ford Transit van, it is important to keep yourself safe during wintery weather by following the above tips and visiting the insurer's website for even more.