Van Guard Offers Storage Flexibility

Though there are a lot of advantages to driving and maintaining vans that are smaller in length, the resulting loss of storage space has been a problem that many manufacturers are trying to find workarounds for. One notable development has been making the area under the passenger seats available for storage. Though this hollowed-out area does provide additional storage, it can be difficult to access, particularly in those vehicles that have been outfitted with aftermarket bulkheads that block the area. To address this problem, Van Guard, makers of van accessories ranging from roof racks to ladder clamps has introduced a special steel bulkhead that comes complete with a sliding hatch.

These bulkheads will be available in a number of different configurations for all models and sizes of vehicles; the sliding hatch position can be altered based upon the location of both the bulkhead and the storage that the user needs access to. The addition of the hatch is anticipated to be particularly helpful for professionals who need to be able to store long items such as ladders or pipes within cargo areas that have been shortened by the bulkhead or by the size of the van itself.

Van Guard is a British manufacturer that has earned its reputation by being fast-on-its-feet from a design perspective, constantly changing their products as the new commercial van market has changed. These steel bulkheads are yet another example of that type of flexibility. They are available ready-made, or they are able to be custom fitted to your van, based upon your exact application and the specifications that you require.

Van Guard as well as many other reputable after-market providers supply many useful items that can be fitted to your new or used Transit Van.