One of the UK's largest commercial van insurers, Swinton, has issued a statement urging van and truck drivers in the UK to be prepared for what could well be one of the wettest summers on record. The Met Office have already issued an Amber warning for rain in many parts of the United Kingdom, making the van insurers advice very valuable over the coming days and months.
As you can imagine van drivers spend far more time on the road than any other type of motorist and more often than not are carrying large heavy loads in their backs, making the wet road conditions even more dangerous.
The Insurers have released some tips to help you deal with wet weather and help you to be prepared for any problems you might face whilst out on the road in your van.
Breaking distance - Double the space between you and the vehicle in front, wet conditions can mean it takes longer to break and come to standstill.
Reduce speeds - reducing your speed in wet conditions will mean your van will become much more controllable.
These are just two tips given out by the commercial insurers; another way to help with your safety in wet weather is to ensure that your van is as safe and roadworthy as possible. Buying a commercial vehicle, such as a new Ford van, will mean you have the latest and most innovative safety systems installed. Vans such as Ford Transit vans are amongst the most highly rated vehicles for road safety.