A recent survey by a leading commercial van insurer has shown that drivers of light and medium vehicles consider themselves miles ahead when it comes to manoeuvring a car or van.
Swinton Commercial Insurance asked 1000 UK van drivers to rate their skills at performing tricky manoeuvres, drivers were asked to give themselves marks out of five. A large percentage, almost 68% awarded themselves 5 out of five for their driving skills.
Young males in the survey certainly showed over confidence, with 48% of those questioned claiming they could perform any type of van manoeuvring flawlessly. Interestingly enough, a very low percentage (12%) awarded themselves a low score for the ability to simply reverse around a corner, the main majority giving themselves 4 out 5. This of course could be to do with visibility, with many vans containing bulkheads that mean more reliance on side mirrors.
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