Research from the AA has shown that fleet and van drivers are far more likely to receive motoring convictions than any other road users, almost twice as likely in fact.
The survey carried out by the breakdown company has shown that, over the past five years, over 15% of van drivers have had their licenses endorsed, that's in comparison to just 7% of all car drivers.
One of the main factors that van drivers are getting pulled up on and fined by is the use of mobile phones. The survey showed that van drivers were once again more likely to be caught using a phone at the wheel, with the Automobile Association claiming that van drivers were six times more likely to use a phone at the wheel and be caught.
Simon Douglas of the AA commented upon the survey, saying that one of the main reasons for van drivers receiving punishment for motoring offences such as speeding or mobile phone punishment was through pressure to get jobs done faster.
New Ford vans are available with a wide variety of in-car features and technology that could combat these problems to a degree, everything from speed limiters to infotainment systems that give you the option to receive mobile phone texts as speech can be fitted to Ford Transit vans, giving you a much safer vehicle to drive in.