Van Condition Key to Winning Business

Owners of businesses that utilize commercial vans will want to take note of the results of a recent study conducted by a leading UK van leasing company regarding the relationship between the appearance of a company’s vehicles and the overall impression that clients get of the company. Vanarama conducted a survey of potential customers of businesses using commercial vans, asking about the impact of a poorly maintained vehicle versus one that is clean and in good condition. An overwhelming number of respondents indicated that a van that is dirty or in poor condition would dissuade them from utilizing a company’s services and make them look elsewhere for another professional.

The results indicate that as in other areas of business, first impressions mean a lot, and the comparison was made by several of those surveyed to having a businessman show up in a suit and tie versus arriving in a dirty tee shirt and jeans. Workmen who appear without consideration to the appearance of their van risk having customers make negative assumptions about their professionalism, reliability and the quality of their work.

Companies that are weighing decisions as to whether to replace their current fleet with new models versus holding on to older vehicles which may be in disrepair are advised to take the survey’s results into consideration, as it seems to indicate that savings gained by holding on to older models for another year may be vulnerable to customers making the decision to find another company based on the appearance of the van.

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