Useful Items to keep in your Car

For many a car is more than just a means of transport, it’s a tool that you use through almost every aspect of your life. From taking a trip to the shops to heading out on a long journey for a long overdue catch-up with friends or family, there will be some items that you wish that you always had in the car. With this in mind, here’s our guide to all those useful items that could really make life better if you had them to hand in your brand new Ford car.

A trusty pen

We’ve all been there, you need to write down something in the car, but then forgot where you have misplaced anything to jot it down. Whether it’s for noting down the phone number of someone you desperately need to contact or you’re trying to work out who owes what proportion of the restaurant bill, the need for a decent pen in our list of car essentials should never be underestimated.

We contacted the pen experts at Staedtler to find out exactly which device you should choose as a constant occupier of your glove compartment.

“A definite must is a reliable pen – we suggest the STAEDTLER triplus fineliner or ballpoint would be ideal to have close at hand. Choose from a wide variety of colours or opt for one of the assorted packs of these triangular shaped pens, ergonomically designed for effortless writing. Add a notepad and you will always be ready to take down a telephone number or perhaps directions at a moment’s notice.”

• Staedtler

Norris Colour

If you’re travelling with children it’s almost inevitable that they will want to doodle to pass the time, and Staedtler again have the perfect product.

“If you’re likely to be travelling with children and not looking forward to that familiar chorus of ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ add plenty of scrap paper and a range of colouring pencils such as Noris Colour. These lovely new colouring pencils combine intense colour with increased break-resistance so will keep the children happy for ages. For younger children, try Noris Club wax twisters.  They’ll love creating beautiful pictures with these easy to use wax crayons while you enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.”

“Finally, one last top tip! Be ready to label any possessions with a Lumocolor permanent marker. These versatile pens come in an array of colours and will write on virtually any surface so you can label anything quickly and permanently.”

  • Staedtler
Lumocolour permanent marker


The perfect travel mug

The perfect remedy to a chilly morning is a hot cup of something, but it’s not always practical to enjoy the luxury of drinking a wonderful hot chocolate or cup of tea during your journey. Contigo has the perfect car essential in the name of the West Loop, the company’s best-selling coffee mug which is renowned for its 100 per cent spill- and leak-proof cap. As well as the fact that you cannot spill it, no matter how hard you try, the West Loop drinking bottles use vacuum-insulated technology to help not only keep hot beverages hot for four hours, but cold beverages chilled for 12 hours. It’s also completely dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to worry about washing it.

Contigo West Loop

A map you can rely on

While you may trust the beauty of a sat nav, there’s never any harm in using a physical map should your device give up on you. The number one name for maps has to be Ordnance Survey, the UK government department which has been mapping the nation since 1791. While they might not be able to direct you straight to one of our official Ford dealerships in Hampshire, Salisbury or Taunton, an Ordnance Survey map is sure to be a great tool almost everywhere else!

When we spoke to Ordnance Survey, they recommended both their Tour Maps and Landranger Maps to offer complete coverage of your day-to-day needs.


Ordnance Survey

“Ideal for driving holidays, the Tour Maps cover large areas of the most popular regions, showing the details your SatNav will probably miss.  They are big enough to spread out and plan your day’s journey.

If you need a more detailed view of the area for driving, cycling or walking, the 1: 50 000 scale Landranger maps are ideal. As well as roads, tracks and paths, they show many historical features and points of interest. Unlike road maps, they show the contours, so are ideal to discover the best viewpoints, or just the easiest paths for cycling. They are ideal to help you discover the local area when you are on holiday, or even around your own home, as you can discover all the hidden corners and secluded spots.”

  • Ordnance Survey

Wellington boots for whatever the road offers ahead

Because of the unpredictability of the British weather, it’s always better to be extra prepared for any eventuality. It’s for this reason that having a pair of wellies is always worthwhile, and for a pair that you can rely on it has to be pair which bears the Hunter label. Having manufactured wellington boots since 1856, their products are built to last and are sure to handle whatever conditions are under foot.

Travel sweets for the perfect treat

One of the absolute necessities for any car journey is some sweets for everyone to enjoy. While you can choose a packet of sweets, the fact that they are open could mean they don’t last half as long. This is why our choice has to be Simpkins Travel Sweets, the iconic tin of dusted treats which has been available in all manner of varieties since 1921. Considered the World’s Original Travel Sweets, all varieties are made using only natural ingredients to ensure the best taste possible and it’s for this reason they are in our list of car essentials.

Simpkins Travel Sweets

A reliable torch just in case

If you’re having to wait in your vehicle after dark, a torch is one of the best car essentials to have to hand should anything happen to go wrong. For a torch that is both powerful and well made, you can’t go wrong with a Maglite. While their product range is expansive, we recommend the Mini Maglite Pro LED Torch because of its sleek compact design. While we’ve linked to the official American website, UK vendors that sell the torch include Torch Direct and Halfords.

Image Credit: Staedtler, Contigo, Ordnance Survey, Simpkins Travel Sweets

This content was written by Ben Edwards. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.