Ford Transit vans and other light commercial vehicles which have previously been used as part of a company's fleet are now worth more in real terms than ever before, according to the latest market research.
One of the leading vehicle auction firms in the UK has just published the results of its most recent Market Analysis report, which states that the average resale value of ex-fleet models is now just under £7,000 - higher than at any point since their first published analysis in 2007.
The rise in value that was seen in October alone is noteworthy, with newly auctioned vans and other vehicles worth, on average, £185 more than they were the previous month.
This news should mean that anyone buying vans in Dorset or elsewhere in the near future will be able to receive a generous amount of money if and when they decide to sell on the LCVs or other vehicles which their businesses have made use of over the years.