Used car sales increase to 2009 levels


Figures have just been released that give an insight to sales volume of used car sales for the first quarter of 2012, and it is certainly good news for both customers and dealers alike.

Used car sales grew during the first quarter of 2012 by 14.7% based upon the figures provided by the information services company Experian. The statistics shows that 1,741,860 used vehicles were sold during the first part of 2012, making these figures the highest seen since back in 2009 when 1,813,588 units were sold.

As a rule all sectors of vehicles say increased sales figures compare to the last quarter, with the 4x4 market being the only exception.

The figures are great news for not only dealerships selling vehicles, such as used Ford cars, but also for those wanting to sell their current car and purchase one of the many great Ford cars for sale.