Used car market sees rising petrol model demand


New sales data has revealed that used Ford petrol cars and other second hand models are enjoying an increase in popularity amongst drivers, reportedly catching up with their diesel counterparts.

A leading online auction group has said that, according to the stock they have been retailing in recent months, more and more consumers are now moving back towards petrol cars, with this particularly being the case in urban areas; according to the company, this trend is primarily down to drivers who feel they do not cover enough miles each year to get the most out of more initially expensive diesel models looking to economise.

A spokesperson for the group also noted, however, that 'demand for diesels remains strong', but that he also expected this resurgence of used petrol models to continue as the challenging economic climate persists.

The representative also said that it was five door models which are making up the bulk of the strong used petrol sales seen recently, as families decide to invest in sizeable, comfortable examples to use as their day-to-day family transport. This increase, he said, comes as such a boost to the petrol sales industry in general because smaller cars have always sold consistently well, whatever the external market conditions.  

Ford have proven to be especially popular with those seeking to buy a bargain second hand petrol car in recent years, with the company's models renowned for their excellent efficiency rates; this, of course, is even more prevalent with their newest vehicles, which have the added benefit of the highly regarded performance EcoBoost engine.

Whether you are looking for a petrol or diesel vehicle, and indeed whether you would prefer a new or used model, the Bridgend Ford showrooms and others which offer cars from this iconic manufacturer can provide the ultimate in terms of both economy and performance.

Image credit: Lavas (Wikimedia Commons)