Unlucky? 13 brought success on a plate

As the new 63 registration plates come into effect, it turns out the 13 plates introduced last March were not as unlucky as some pundits predicted.

In fact before the 13 plates arrived, there was social media speculation that DVLA would let superstitious drivers carry on with the old 62 plates instead.

But that's all it was, talk. In fact the SMMT has revealed that the 13-plate has been a resounding success.

On July 31, the ‘13' had overtaken all previous plates dating back to September, 2008. It had been registered to 1,115,459 vehicles since it came into use in March this year with August registrations still to be included.

"We have had an unbelievably busy summer at the 10 Foray Group Ford dealerships, reflecting the desire among buyers not only to buy cars but also to own interesting models that are economical and easy on the environment," comments Tom Croft, Foray Group sales manager.

"What's more, we are busy preparing a huge number of new 63-plate vehicles so September will also be busy. After last year's gloomy summer, this year's warm weather has brought out buyers in a very good mood and the frugal, award winning EcoBoost engine range from Ford has made them even happier.

"Fiesta and Focus are the best selling cars in the UK but we have plenty of stock with a vast choice of models and sizes from city cars to seven seat MPVs so look forward to meeting more customers. We may be busy, but we're never too busy to give a warm welcome - and a hot deal!"