Unlearn - Ford New Car Technology 2016

Refresh your thinking about Ford

If you still think of Ford as a big supplier of uninteresting company cars then it’s time to think again – to unlearn your preconceptions and refresh you train of thought.

These days, the majority of Ford cars are bought by private individuals who appreciate their fine driving characteristics and technological advances. Your Ford can do virtually everything you need, from protecting you in city traffic to saving you from the driving excesses of younger family members!

Ford has a real grip on what today’s drivers need and here at Foray Motor Group we are ready to demonstrate just how the latest Fords can fit into your everyday life – and make it far from mundane when you’re travelling.

We want you to unlearn what you’ve thought about Ford for years and call in to appreciate what Ford can now offer you.

There’s a huge mix of models to suit all your motoring needs, from city cars to seven seat luxury models, as well as an expanding range of SUV and 4x4 models.

When it comes to innovation, Ford leads the field. Let us show you how.